Enterprise Community Healthy Start

Case Management Services

Free Services to residents of Burke and McDuffie Counties. Healthy Start promotes healthy communities by nurturing healthy pregnancies, healthy babies, and healthy families. Healthy Start focuses on strengthening families through community networking.

Case-Management Services

  • These services are available to a woman and her family starting with pregnancy and continuing through the child's second birthday.
  • Services include home visits, personalized education about health care, pregnancy, preconceptual and interconceptional counseling, breastfeeding counseling, family planning, infant care, growth and development, use of community resources, and working with the health care providers.
  • There is no income level requirement for services.

Who is Eligible for Healthy Start Case Management services?

  • Women who are pregnant
  • Live in Burke and McDuffie County
  • Pregnant women with a high risk pregnancy including a history of premature labor, previous premature birth, pre-eclampsia, history or pervious stillbirth
  • Women with a chronic medical condition who are pregnant or have recently delivered
  • Pregnant teens
  • Infant who were born prematurely and/or have ongoing medical needs
  • Infants who are NICU graduates
  • Families with infants less than 1yr old that you think would benefit from ECHS services

Who can refer someone for Healthy Start Case Management services?

  • Self-referred
  • Primary care provider-(OB, Midwife, Family physician, pediatrician)
  • Hospital staff (OB department, NICU, Emergency Room staff)
  • Department of Family and Children Services staff
  • Friends and family

How can someone refer a participant?

Call, email, or fax Debra Griffin: 706-840-5986,degriffin@gru.edu, f-706-721-0890, Healthy Start office: 1-800-982-3728

Provide the following information if available:

  1. Provider name and contact information.
  2. Mother's name and contact information, including address and telephone number
  3. County of residence (Burke and McDuffie Counties)